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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a "professional wedding DJ"?

A: That question can be answered best by first telling you what a professional wedding DJ isn't. A professional wedding DJ is not someone who comes to your
reception, sets up equipment, plays music for about 3-4 hours, breaks down, then leaves. A professional wedding DJ is an experienced, professional, wedding
entertainment director / planner, master of ceremonies, advisor, and someone who will be with you every step of the way to make sure your wedding day is
everything you want it to be!

Q: What sets SN DJ Entertainment apart from "other" DJ services?

A: Several aspects actually, but most brides tell us they prefer us because we relieve them of a lot of stress by offering planning, preparation, and directing their
reception in addition to playing their music selections. Also, we are one of the only (if not THE only) mobile DJ service on the Gulf Coast that does not charge
an "hourly" rate!

Q: Why do you not charge an "hourly rate" like other DJ services in our area?

We used to have an hourly limit on each one of our packages, but we decided to end that practice starting in 2017 for a couple of reasons. First, we want our
brides and grooms to concentrate on having fun and not worrying about a "time limit" with us (and we don't want the "number of hours" included in a package to
be the deciding factor.) Second, we don't have anywhere else to be since we NEVER schedule more than one wedding per day, so we are yours the entire day
and evening. We felt this works out better for our brides and grooms (and we've received nothing but positive feedback from it.)

Q; How much is my retainer fee to reserve the date and when would you need the final balance?

Your retainer fee will be 1/3 of your total cost which will be collected at the time of booking and when you sign the contract. The balance will be due no later
than one week before your wedding.

Q: Can you explain what you mean when you say my DJ will serve as my reception entertainment "planner" and "director"?

A: With SN DJ Entertainment, we do offer reception entertainment "planning" and "directing" with every package. Your DJ will serve as your reception
entertainment planner by working directly with you to prepare an organized, typed-up, detailed reception planner that will be sent out to all your other vendors
(upon your approval of course!) so they will know what is going to happen and when. During your reception, he will serve as your "entertainment director" by
making sure everything runs smoothly.  He will make sure the wedding party is lined up to be announced, he will check with you and your vendors to make sure
everyone is ready before he announces any events on the written planner, and he will make all announcements so your guests will not miss anything!

Q: I really don't even know where to begin when it comes to planning a wedding reception, can you help and give me some ideas?

A: Absolutely, that's what we are here for. We've worked with a lot of brides and grooms over the years who didn't have any idea what they wanted (and that's
okay if you don't. We'll help you come up with the perfect reception that works for you!) We would recommend scheduling a consultation with us, we'll sit down
with you, talk about your reception, and our Entertainment Director can show you a sample "outline" of a wedding reception to give you some ideas. We've had
brides tell us (many times) that we helped relieve them of a lot of anxiety by helping them plan their perfect reception when they did not even know where to
start. Don't worry, we'll be there for you to help you out! We've been doing this since 2003 and have worked with many brides and grooms who didn't know
"where to start", but ended up having a wonderful wedding reception in the end!

Q; Can I pick my own music?

A: Most definitely! After all this is your wedding! When you hire us we will give you our reception planning guide (which contains a lot of tips, suggestions,
including music), and also our Wedding Reception Information Form which is the form we will use to put your reception planner together. It contains everything
we need to customize your wedding the way you want it and envision. It contains a section for all your music including cocktail hour / dinner, your spotlight
dances, ,open dancing, and even a "do not play" section so you can list songs you don't want played! We'll also take requests from your guests during your
reception to make sure everyone has a wonderful time!

Q: Since you offer "planning", "preparation", and "directing" with every wedding package, does that mean I will not need a wedding coordinator?

A: We recommend having a professional wedding coordinator for everything up to (and including) your ceremony, but when it comes to your reception, your
wedding coordinator will not have to worry about setting up a timeline or directing the flow of events for your reception since that is a service we provide in each
package. In fact we know you have developed a close relationship with that person so we would highly recommend you invite them to sit back, relax, socialize,
dance,and enjoy your reception with you and your guests. Your coordinator can consider that part of their "reward" for all the hard work they have put in for
you. We'll take care of making sure your reception "flows" and will work directly with you to prepare your organized planner. (The wedding coordinators we have
worked with love that because it's one less job they have to do, it gives them the chance to concentrate on other areas of your wedding planning, and many of
them love having the opportunity to socialize with their brides at the end of the long wedding process!) We make your life (and their job) a lot easier and
stress-free by offering this service.

Q: Do you perform weddings on holidays and are there any extra fees?

A: The only holidays we do not schedule events are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We do perform at weddings on all other holidays
and the only holidays we charge a "holiday fee" are New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and July 4th. (The "holiday fee" is only applied if your wedding is on the
"actual" holiday itself. For example if July 4th is on a Monday and your wedding is on Saturday, July 2nd, you wouldn't be charged a "holiday fee" even though
your wedding is during the "holiday weekend". ) All other holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, Halloween, etc) we charge our regular rates and specials.

Q: When are you available for consultations?

A: We're very flexible. We can schedule a consultation when it's convenient for you. Our Entertainment Director is available most weekdays after 10am so we
can always schedule a consultation in the afternoon or evening if that works out best for you. We've also had some clients who preferred to meet on the
weekends (we've done plenty of Sunday afternoon consultations!) We recommend contacting us and we can schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Q: This is my second marriage (or I am on a tight budget) and I really don't want all the "traditional" wedding reception events. I want more of a
"party" atmosphere, do you have an alternative?

A: Yes we do. You may choose one of our "party" packages instead of a "wedding" package if you would prefer to do that. Party Packages start at 449.00 and
the main difference between a "party" and a "reception" is with a "party" we wouldn't do any of the "traditional" wedding reception events. We would focus more
on "dancing" and "partying" as opposed to a reception where we focus more on "traditional" wedding events (like a first dance, cake cutting, toasts, etc).

Q: Do you provide services for outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions?

A: Yes. The only requirement for outdoor events is our setup must be under some type of shelter from the weather elements (either a tent, covered patio, etc.)

Q: Will the person I talk to,meet with, and plan with be the person who performs at my wedding or will someone else show up at the last minute?

A:. We are probably one of a few professional DJ services that promises you will only work with one person from start to finish. At SN DJ Entertainment, we don't
do the "bait and switch" routine where you meet and plan with one person only to have someone with whom you haven't met show up to perform at your weddng
nor do we turn the planning and directing over to a third party. We believe it's important you and your DJ / emcee work closely together so they know exactly
what you want and you can have the comfort in knowing they will be the only person who performs at your wedding.

Q: How can I find out about your packages, prices, and more information?

A: That's real easy. Just click on any of the red buttons at the top and bottom of this page or you can click here and you will be redirected to our availability
checker where you can enter your wedding date. If we are available for your date, you will be taken to our online form where you can tell us some basic
information about your wedding and browse our packages. Be sure to include your email address because we will send you a copy of our wedding information
packet which explains a lot more. We would also recommend scheduling a consultation so we can have a cup of coffee, sit back, and talk about your wedding
and how we can customize it for you!
SN DJ Entertainment

"Providing The Soundtrack To Life's Most Memorable Moments"