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When hiring a professional wedding entertainer, it's important to make sure you hire the person who will leave the most positive impact on your reception, and
the person who will best meet your needs. Most brides and grooms are hiring a professional wedding DJ for the very first time, so we're going to give you some
helpful tips so we can make sure you hire a professional.

The "Budget DJ" Nightmare

We want you to avoid what we call the "Budget DJ" Nightmare. What you don't want to do is call a bunch of DJ services and then hire the one that quotes you
the "cheapest price" and let that be the only basis for your decision. Most of the time when brides and grooms take this route they usually end up regretting
their decision. Of course everyone wants to get the "best deal", but the "best deal" isn't always the "cheapest price." Imagine this....you spend months (or even
years) of planning the most important day of your life. You look on the internet, you contact a DJ, and you hire him because he quoted you a very cheap price.
You send him your deposit and you never hear from him again. Your wedding day arrives and everything looks beautiful. Your venue looks magnificant, the
flowers look beautiful, and your wedding party looks amazing.....everything
seems to be perfect!

Now imagine arriving at your reception and your DJ has a set up with wires hanging all over the place, he's not dressed very professional.,,,his setup looks like
something you would see in an engineer's workshop (not really the image you want in the background in all your wedding photos.) When it comes to your
wedding party introductions, he doesn't pronounce any of the names right, he doesn't have your first dance song because he never bothered to give you any
planning forms or meet with you, and nobody recognizes the music he is playing. Nobody dances, people leave early, and your reception ends early without
even a proper send off. The whole day is now ruined because of a "budget" DJ who wasn't experienced (or didn't bother to take the time to prepare). Yes this
sort of scenario happens all the time when brides and grooms base their decision on "price" and hiring the "cheapest DJ" instead of basing their decision on the
"most qualified". We don't want to see you in the "Budget DJ" Nightmare situation.

What happens when you hire a "professional"

On the other hand, let's say you find a DJ service online, they are a little out of the price range you were expecting to pay, but you like everything you see. You
contact them, make an appointment, and have a wonderful consultation. The DJ is very professional, he goes over a sample reception outline with you, he talks
about his experience, and answers your questions. He's also got pictures, videos, and testimonials from other brides (which he allows you to contact for
references, and everything checks out.) You decide to hire him and pay your retainer fee. He gives you all the proper planning tools you will need and he's
available for consultations whenever you need to meet with him. As your wedding day draws closer, you return the paperwork, he organizes your reception and
puts everything into a nice, organized, written planner. He then sends it to all your other vendors so they will know what will happen and when.

On Wedding Day, everything looks wonderful. You arrive at your reception venue and you see beautiful up lighting along the walls. You see your name or
initials monogrammed in lights, and you see your DJ's set up.....it is nice, neat, and looks wonderful. Your DJ then meets privately with your wedding party, he
makes sure everyone is lined up in order, and then announces everyone. Throughout the evening, he checks with you to make sure you are ready before you
move on to the next item on the planner, he makes sure your other vendors are ready, and he makes sure your guests know ahead of time what will happen so
they won't miss anything. Everyone dances, has a great time, and you don't want it to end.

At the end of the night, you do your final dance and then your send off. You leave your reception saying to yourself "That was the best reception I have ever
been to!"

That's the kind of reception experience we want for you!

Getting the best deal

You see, with the first scenario, the bride and groom would definitely save money, but they would trade "quality service" for a "cheaper price"  and their
reception was ruined because they didn't hire a professional. In the second scenario, the bride and groom chose a professional DJ, and while they spent a little
more, when they look back at all the fun they had, the way the DJ cared about their reception, and all the hard work he put in, they will realize it was well worth
the extra investment. Remember, getting the "best deal" doesn't mean getting the "cheapest price".

But now, you might be thinking "How do I know whether a DJ is "professional" or not?" Here are some tips to consider.

Tip #1 - Schedule a consultation

We highly recommend scheduling a consultation, even if you have received a price quote and think the DJ may be out of your price range. Once you meet with
him you may find he or she is the right DJ for you. You'll be able to tell a lot about them at the consultation, how organized are they? Ask questions like how long
has he been in business, ask to see sample planners from some of his former brides and grooms, and maybe ask to see videos and pictures of his setup. If the
DJ won't schedule a consultation with you or gives you the run around, then it's probably best to move on to someone else. A true professional will always take
the time to meet with you whether it's in person or in a video consultation.

Tip #2 - Make sure they have a valid contract

This is really important for all your vendors, not just your DJ. Anytime you hire a vendor for your wedding, make sure they have a valid contract and that you
completely understand the terms and conditions before you sign it. A valid contract protects both parties in the event of a misunderstanding. The contract
should clearly state the DJ's terms of service as well as what they will need from you. (For example it should have information about payment, when your final
balance is due, how many performance hours, how far in advance should you return your information form / song list, etc.) Also, check to make sure there is a
clause in there about what happens in the event you have to cancel or what happens if the DJ can't make it to your wedding because of an emergency, does he
have a back up plan? If the DJ service (or any wedding vendor) doesn't require a contract, that is a major red flag and you could be setting yourself up for a
"no-show" vendor.
Remember, unless you have it in writing, you don't have anything and you could be out some money if he doesn't show up.

Tip #3 - Ask to see copies of wedding reception planners from past clients and also photos / video

A professional wedding DJ service will always be able to show examples of their past work. Look at the planners, see how organized they are, how do they set
things up? Look at photos and video from other weddings they have done, are people having fun? Is his set up "clean" and "neat" looking? Also, you may want
to ask for references and contact some of his past brides to get their opinion and how they liked the DJ.

Tip #4 - Don't automatically "dismiss" a DJ service because you think their prices may be "too high"

As we mentioned before, you want to make sure you hire the DJ service who will "best" meet your needs (and not one that just offers the "cheapest" price.) We
highly recommend scheduling a consultation and really researching and seeing what all a DJ service has to offer before you "dismiss" them, even if you feel
they may be out of your price range. You may find that DJ service may be the best fit for your needs. In that case, we would recommend making a list of vendors
and items for your reception and then eliminate ones you don't really "need" to make your reception successful, then you can use the extra money to hire a
professional DJ service who will leave you with lasting memories to come!
Remember six months after your reception your guests will remember the
entertainment more than any other aspect of your reception, and they will base the success of your reception based on how your DJ performed!

Tip #5 - Remember, if it doesn't feel right, it usually isn't

Trust your instincts. If you have a "bad" feeling after you have checked the DJ out, had your consultation, and something doesn't seem "right", then usually your
gut instinct is right!

Remember when hiring a professional wedding DJ, the person you hire has a huge responsibility because they can either "make" or "break" your reception. The
most important question to ask yourself is "Do I want to hire a professional who will take away the stress, work with me, help me plan out a wonderful, elegant
reception that I will never forget, or do I want to hire the DJ who quotes me the "cheapest price" and may leave me regretting my decision for many years to

Contact us today and we will make sure you have our "Wedding Information Packet" which contains more tips, suggestions, and more details about what SN DJ
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