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"When hiring entertainment for your wedding do you want "just a
DJ" or do you want someone who will  also go the extra mile, help
you plan your perfect reception, and will relieve you of a lot of
stress when it comes to planning and making sure the evening
runs smoothly?"

Your wedding day... it is one of the single, most, important days of your life, (the other being the day
your children are born.) At SN DJ Entertainment, there is no better joy than being part of such a special
occasion, and making your wedding reception everything you have always wanted and dreamed of is
our number one priority. When you entrust us for your wedding, you won't get just a "DJ" who
"handles music." You will get so much more such as a full time, entertainment director who will make
sure you feel like the "king and queen" at your wedding reception. In addition to serving as the person
who plays your music and Master of Ceremonies, your DJ has also gone through the training to serve
as your wedding reception entertainment coordinator and director! With SN DJ Entertainment, it will not
be necessary for you to hire another person to put your sequence of events together or direct your
reception because that is a service we offer in every wedding package!  We will work together as a team
to make sure that you have the best wedding experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

With SN DJ Entertainment, you will receive a wedding reception personally customized for
you. Your
reception won't be a "typical" reception or a reception like your "friend" will be
your reception
that we put together, customized, and designed especially for
you and your unique preferences.

What we offer

Your wedding is all about you! Don't you wish planning your wedding reception could be simple and
"stress-free"? When you hire SN DJ Entertainment it can be! We want the entire experience to be "fun" and
"stress-free" for you (which includes the planning!)  We'll work directly with you to help you plan out every detail of
your wedding reception events, we'll organize everything on a detailed typed planner, and (upon your approval)
we will send out the planner to all of your other vendors so they will know what is going to happen (and when.)
During the reception your DJ will be checking with you and will also check with your other vendors (especially
your photographer) to make sure everyone is ready before we announce any events on your planner! We'll also
play the requested music you would like us to play and take requests from your guests! As for your role during
your's really simple....we want you to relax, have fun, and enjoy spending time with your friends and
family during the final part of your wedding day! We'll take care of making sure everything runs smoothly!

Our goal is to have you, our bride and groom (as well as your guests) walking out of your reception saying "That
was the BEST wedding reception I have ever been to!"

Our wedding packages range from 799.00 to 2299.00 depending on the package!

Our "Customized Wedding Experience"

One aspect that sets us apart from other DJ services is you won't have to worry about "how much time" is included
with your wedding package. With every wedding package you will pay a "flat rate", which means you can have your
DJ for as many hours as you would like on your wedding day! Your package not only includes the time we work on
your wedding day, but also everything that is done before and after your wedding including all of the planning,
preparation, consultations and labor!

We also offer wedding ceremony services as well as rehearsal and rehearsal dinner entertainment, decorative up
lighting, your name or initials monogrammed in lights, and a spotlight for your cake in some of our packages!

Here are some responses we have gotten from past brides and grooms that we have worked with:


Thank you so much for putting together a great reception for our wedding! Music is a huge part of our relationship
and we truly appreciate you taking the time to make this about us. Thank you."

Mark & Karen H -  Milton, FL


"Professional and helpful! Stacey definitely kept things moving correctly and was able to be helpfully adaptive
when things changed. Best in the business!"

-Jessica H -  Pensacola, FL


"Stacey was great to work with and kept everything on schedule as well as keeping the party rolling. Big bonus
when you are having a BIG wedding. We would definitely recommend SN DJ."  

- Michael & Carol K - DeFuniak Springs, FL

"Preparations, cooperation, and execution were top notch. Your planning and control of the reception was a
breath of relief in an otherwise hectic event. We were able to relax and enjoy our roles as the bride's parents,
while you orchestrated the evening. One of the first wedding receptions where the major events (toasts, cake
cuttings, bouquet & garter tosses) occurred before the crowd began to drift off. All were able to enjoy the main
events, then the party people filled the rest of the evening. THANKS" .

-Dave & Sue L – Fort Walton Beach, FL


"They were awesome! We felt that everything went very smoothly, and he was very willing to make any quick
changes that needed to be made. We could not have had a better DJ at our wedding! I would recommend to

- Jacklyn P -Pensacola, FL



I just wanted to thank you so much for providing the great music and perfect flow to my daughter’s wedding last
week.  It was very important to us that the reception went smoothly as we had many guests.  You handled the
reception with ease and confidence. As soon as you took over , the nervousness I felt eased up.  Thank you so
much for being there."

- Melody M - Pensacola, FL
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