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School Dance Frequently Asked Questions



How do I find out about school dance prices, check to see if you are available for my date?

You can check our availability by either clicking on any red button (like at the top and bottom of this page) or simply by clicking here. After you enter your date,
you will be redirected to a form where you can enter your email address, phone number, and some basic details about your school dance. We will email you a
copy of our school dance information packet which explains (in more detail) about the services we have to offer.

Can we meet the DJ before we make a decision?

Of course! In fact we highly encourage scheduling a consultation with our Entertainment Director, Stacey Noles. He will personally come to your school, meet
with your students, and answer any questions you may have. Many students have grown up listening to Stacey on the radio so he will even be happy to talk to
your students about his radio career as well! To schedule your free consultation, please contact us at (850) 501-1590 or email Stacey Noles at

Can the students make requests?

Absolutely! Since the dance is for the students, we like for them to be involved in the music we play during their event. Upon hiring us for your dance, we will
send you our school dance information form which includes a section where your students can make us a list of songs they want to hear. During the dance, we
will also have a clipboard set up where they may write down their requests.

Will you play ANY song we request?

Within reason of course! We definitely want all students to have fun, we want them to be able to make requests, but we have to be responsible and make sure
all music is in good taste and adheres to your school's standards as well as our standards. Our policy is we will not play any music with lewd lyrics or anything
that would not be appropriate for radio airplay . All of our music is "radio edited".

Do you have a light show?

Yes we do, and we have a cool light show too! Our "Fireworks Extravaganza" LED Light show gives the "illusion" of a fireworks show going off over the dance
floor, and is included in all packages. We also offer our "Club" light show which provides awesome lighting on the dance floor which moves in sync with the
music. We also offer your school's name or logo monogrammed in lights on the dance floor, wall, or ceiling! (This image is yours to keep at the end of the night
so the school can keep it forever or give it to a student as a prize at the end of the night, your choice!) You can find out more about our light show options by
visiting our
lighting page.

What kind of "games" and "contests" do you offer?

We have several options when it comes to games and contests. Our most popular "game" is "Trivia". Your DJ will invite a student up to answer a multiple choice
trivia question which usually has to do with history, television, or some other "fun" and "off the wall" questions. We allow the other students to "help" the student
make the right choice. (In 16 years of being in business, we have NEVER had a student not win at trivia.) Normally we do trivia once an hour. We also offer
other "games" such as dance contests (we'll speed up or slow down a song and the object is to keep up!)

What is a "Snowball Dance"?

"Snowball Dances" are good icebreakers we use for mainly middle school events. We start out playing a song and we ask all students to pick a partner. Several
times throughout the song your DJ will say "Snowball" and the students will switch partners. We ask all students to dance with someone if they come up and ask
during this time. Since a lot of middle school students are attending their very first dance, this is a great opportunity to make sure all students have fun (even
the shy ones who wouldn't normally dance!)

Do you provide services for other school events besides dances?

You bet! We can come provide services for your school carnival, pep rally, or any other event where you will need music, a sound system, and a professional
emcee! Contact us today for more information!

Do you provide services for Project Graduation?

Yes, and we can't think of a better, more safer, way for high school graduates to spend their graduation night. We charge a "flat rate" and you can have your DJ
all night long! What a perfect way to end your high school career by dancing and having fun all night long with your friends at Project Graduation.

Do you travel to schools outside of Pensacola?

Oh yes! We have performed school dances in Panama City, Crestview, Laurel Hill, Mobile, Gulfport, and Ft. Walton Beach just to name a few! We will definitely
travel to schools outside of Pensacola.
SN DJ Entertainment

"The Gulf Coast's Wedding & Party Service!!!!"

(850) 501-1590
SN DJ Entertainment

"The Gulf Coast's Wedding & Party Service!!!"

(850) 501-1590