Where to place your DJ at your wedding, party, school dance, or other event

In today’s blog I want to talk about something that is very important, but often overlooked or not considered when planning a wedding, party, or other event, and that is where to put your DJ. A lot of times, especially for wedding receptions, the bride and her wedding coordinator will plan the layout of the room very early on. They make sure the head table is in place, the cake, the buffet line, the tables, and every other aspect. Later on, when it comes time to figure out where to put the DJ, they may set the DJ up in a corner in the back of the room away from the dance floor. Or, maybe they will set the DJ up in the back of the room and there may be tables between the DJ table and the dance floor. There have also been instances where the guest tables back right up to the DJ table, which makes this kind of set up very detrimental if not dangerous for your event. So, why would someone set the DJ table up like this? Well, maybe the bride had not hired her DJ when they initially planned out the layout of the room, so putting the DJ in the back corner was the only place they could put him. For example, their room may look like this:

As you can see there is a big cross where the DJ is set up. There are two reasons why you wouldn’t want your DJ set up in a location like this. First, he would have his speakers set up on either side of the table and they won’t be able to cover the entire room, so sound quality will not be as good. Second, when it comes time for the open dancing, the DJ’s light show will be shining on the tables in front of the DJ table and will not be hitting the dance floor, which means you would not be getting the full use and enjoyment of the light show. .Also, when you have a set up like this, the DJ table is very close to those other tables which could pose a tripping hazzard if someone was to accidently trip over a speaker stand or snag a wire. Liability should be a concern as well. If I had been the DJ for this particular wedding, I would have suggested the DJ table be set up at the bottom of that diagram, or at the top where the buffet table is set. I think a great idea would be to simply switch the DJ table location with the buffet table location. Now let’s look at a great location for your DJ:

This is actually a photograph from a wedding I did recently at the Nix Center in Fairhope, Alabama. This was a perfect setup because you will notice the DJ table is at the edge of the dance floor, there weren’t any tables shoved up against the DJ table, and our speakers were centered where they could cover the whole room.It worked out great because there were no obstructions for the lights, there wasn’t a chance of anyone tripping, and everyone got the full enjoyment of our sound system.

So the moral of this story is when you start figuring out the room layout, please make sure your DJ’s set up location is a priority. Make sure you have him set up as close to the dance floor as you can, and if you have any questions about where your DJ should set up, please ask him. It would probably be a good idea to schedule a meeting at the venue with your DJ so you can have this all worked out ahead of time.

Once again if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me personally. Remember, we as DJ’s want to make your event the best that it can be.

Stacey Noles is a professional mobile DJ in Pensacola, Florida. For more information please visit his company’s website at www.sndjpensacola.com.