The difference between “structured” and “organized” when it comes to your wedding reception


Recently I met with a bride and groom during a consultation for their wedding. The bride had read the information on our website, she had also read the information in our wedding information packet, but said she was concerned because we talk about “planning”, “directing”, and we gave a sample of a wedding reception from start to finish. Her concerns were she was afraid when we serve as the “planner” and “director” for her reception, we meant we were going to make it “structured” and not how she wants it or envisions it. After I explained to her the information she read on our website and in the wedding packet are simply “suggestions” based on a lot of positive feedback from brides and that we would customize her wedding reception based on her wants and desires, it put her mind at ease. So that’s what I wanted to talk about in today’s blog.

At SN DJ Entertainment, we believe in putting a bride and groom’s personality into their reception 100%. We do organize, plan, and direct your reception, but there is a big difference in creating a reception that’s “structured” and one that’s “organized”. Wedding receptions are parties, and they are meant to be fun, laid back, and they are designed to create the “perfect ending” to your “perfect” day. We can definitely make your reception everything you have always wanted while keeping it organized and not “structured”.  So what’s the difference?

A “structured” reception would be one that’s set up with times listed out by each event, and you are constantly looking at your watch worrying about staying “on time”.  You may have someone walking aorund with a clipboard “rushing” you along (like with your pictures because you only have a certain amount of “time” allowed for pictures. You have to be at the reception venue at exactly XX o’clock or the timeline will be thrown completely off.) If you are wanting a very fun, laid back, and relaxing event, a “structured” reception with times listed for each event at the reception is not what you want. (At SN DJ Entertainment, we don’t set up receptions that are ”structured” because we want our brides, grooms, their families, and their guests to be able to enjoy their reception and not have to be stressed out during it. It really doesn’t make sense to stress a bride out about having “fun”.)

So here’s what we do, we will create a very fun, relaxing, and “organized” wedding reception customized for YOU and based on YOUR preferences. We don’t make it “structured” with “times” listed out by each event because your reception is going to create it’s own “timeline” as the evening goes on, and we’re going to know when it’s time to move on based on that. Based on the information you give us in your wedding information form, we’ll prepare a detailed planner with a sequence of events for your reception. We’ll have each event for your reception listed in the order you want us to do them., and we’ll make sure you are satified with it.

Once we prepare this planner, you will have the chance to look it over, make adjustments to it, and make sure everything is how you like it. Once it is how you like it, we will send out copies to all your other vendors. Even though it is a detailed “sequence of events”, it can still be flexible. (For example I did a wedding a couple months ago where we were getting ready to do the bouquet throw and the bride realized she left her bouquet in a hotel room upstairs. So we postponed it for a few minutes and I played some socializing music until we located the bouquet. And because we didn’t have a “structured timeline”, we were allowed that flexability. We had fun and rolled with it.)

So remember, when you see us talking about “organizing”, “planning”, and creating a “written planner”, that does not mean a “structured reception” where your desires won’t be met. We will prepare an “organized” reception that is fun and customized to YOUR needs and tastes.

If I can ever help you out, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Stacey Noles is a professional mobile DJ in the Pensacola, Florida area. For more information and to contact him personally, please visit his company website,


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