If I choose to not have certain wedding “events”, does that change the price?

Often times as mobile DJ’s, we will have potential clients ask us if they can get a “discount” because they don’t really want all of the “events” or certain things that go with a wedding reception. For example, maybe they don’t want the bouquet throw, a light show, or maybe they don’t want to do the full wedding introductions. For most professional mobile DJ companies, these “events” are included in their wedding package. Let me give you a good illustration to better explain this.

Last night I had dinner at one of my favorite fast food establishments, Subway. If you have ever eaten at Subway, normally you go in, you look at the menu board, and decide on your sandwich. The guy or girl behind the counter will ask you what kind of bread you want, what kind of cheese, and if you want it toasted. I ordered the Oven Roasted Chicken on Honey Oat. Next, you look down and you see all those veggies and extras you can have put on your sandwich, and your sandwich artist asks you what all you want on it. You can have anything you want, you can load it down or you can choose not to have any veggies at all and just have your sandwich plain, they’ll customize your sandwich the way you want it.. Now me, I’m particular about what I want on my sandwich , I only chose ranch and lettuce, very simple. Once I got to the cash register, the sandwich maker told me how much it was going to be. Could I have said “I know what your prices say, but since I only had ranch and lettuce can you take off a few bucks since I didn’t use all the other veggies and sauces?” They probably wouldn’t do that. You see, the price I paid was for them to “customize” my sandwich the way I wanted it.Those veggies and sauces are included and available if I wanted them on my sandwich. Some people like to have just about all those veggies on there, some (like me) like to keep it simple, but we all pay the same price even if our sandwiches look very different. Let’s say you just want your sandwich plain, or by the time you decide what you want, you are just left with bread and cheese. In that case, you may want to look at something else Subway has besides a sub sandwich. (Now that I’ve made you hungry, I’m getting somewhere with this so just stay with me.)

Okay, so what does this have to do with your wedding? Well, imagine your wedding is that Subway sandwich and your DJ is your sandwich maker. All the veggies and sauces represent everything included in your wedding package (such as the wedding party introductions, bouquet throw / garter toss, spotlight dances, cake cutting, light show,etc). You have the opportunity to choose all, some, or none of those events. Your DJ will “customize” your wedding to fit your preferences just like the sandwich artist at Subway will “customize” your sandwich the way you want it. Your DJ can make your wedding reception “simple”, or you may choose to have many “details” and you want it customized with everything he has to offer in that package.

Now let’s say this might be your second wedding, or maybe you don’t want all the “traditional” events of a wedding recpeption. Let’s say your Subway sandwich represents a wedding reception, but all you really want is the bread with nothing in it. At Subway, it probably would be better to choose something else on the menu rather than a sandwich if you don’t want any meat or veggies. You might want some yogurt, potato chiips, or maybe a personal pizza instead of paying for a sandwich that won’t have much on it. If that’s the case, you can choose an “alternative”. It’s the same with your wedding. Maybe you won’t need most or all of everything included in the wedding package. In that case, you may want to consider having a “party” after the wedding instead of a “reception”. You might be asking “What’s the difference?” The difference is with a “party”, you won’t get all the “:traditional” wedding reception events (for example there won’t be any wedding party introductions, first dance, or anything like that). It would be basically dinner music and then dancing the rest of the evening, probably similar to what you would have at your company Christmas party or something of that nature. Plus, since your DJ wouldn’t have to do as much planning for a “party” than he would a “reception”, you would probably save some money as well. (Why buy a 6 foot Subway sandwich if you don’t want any meat, veggies, or sauces, choose something else that would better fit your preferences.) Be sure to ask your DJ if they would offer this option to you if you really don’t want all the “traditional” events, a “party” might better suit your preferences.

Now that I’ve made you hungry, go down to Subway and enjoy your sandwich! We’ll have a new blog soon!

Stacey Noles is a professional mobile DJ in the Pensacola, Florida market. You can visit his company website at www.sndjpensacola.com.

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