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Lighting Options

SN DJ Entertainment will not only make your event special by
offering great music and a professional emcee, but we can also
make your event memorable with our many lighting options. We
offer several options which will make all of your guests experience
that "Wow!" factor when they come to your wedding, party, school
dance, or other event!
     "Fireworks Extravaganza & Galaxian Light Show"

Our "Fireworks Extravaganza & Galaxian" Light Show is offered in most of our packages. It is definitely a crowd pleaser and sets the mood for the
open dancing. Our LED lights give the "illusion" of a fireworks show going off over the dance floor.
"Up Lighting"

Up lighting is a lighting effect that has become very popular over the past few years, especially at wedding receptions. With up lighting, we place LED
lights around the room and they "up light" the walls which really create an elegant effect. We can customize the colors of the up lights to fit the colors
of your wedding. We also offer uplighting for wedding ceremonies as well.
"Your name, initials, or logo in lights"

We can project your name, initials, or logo on a wall, the ceiling, or the dance floor. The best part about this effect is if you have a logo, we can
customize the image to match your napkins or invitations. You will also get to keep this image after your reception or event so you can put it in
your wedding album and keep it forever.

This lighting feature is included in our "All Inclusive Wedding Reception Package" and our "Bride-Groom's Deluxe Package." It can also be added
to all other packages including school dances and parties. We can even customize the image to be a company logo, school logo, or birthday
"The "Club" Lighting Show"

The "Club Lighting Show"  is designed for anyone who wants to party! This effect is especially popular with our school dances, Christmas /
Holiday parties, and other events. The LED lights shine on the dance floor and move to the beat of the music creating an awesome light show,
very similar to what you would see at a club or perhaps at a concert.
"Cake Spotlighting"

We can add a spotlight on your cake which will add to the decour and elegance of your wedding reception. It makes your cake stand out, and will give
your guests that "wow" factor when they walk in.